Speed Bend PRO Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake
Speed Bend PRO Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake Ermaksan CNC Press Brake Machinery Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply Supplier | TCL Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd
ERMAKSAN SPEED BEND Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

Press Brake Machine

Free-fall, bending and return speeds of Speed-Bend press brakes series makes is the best choice to meet demands in today’s competitive markets. Speed-Bend series offer twice as fast production capacity compared to conventional CNC press brakes.


  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.
  • 6 axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • Back gauge system with X, R, Z1, Z2 axis driven by AC servo with colored graphics.
  • HOERBIGER servo hydraulic system.
  • CNC controlled motorized anti-deflection system.
  • Hardened and ground standard sectioned top and 4V-Die bottom tools (835 mm section).
  • Easy to clamp tool holding system with upper and lower tools.
  • Standard graphic controllers can be selected from: ER-90 Plus 3D colour graphical touch screen controller with offline software, Cybelec ModEva 15T 3D colour graphics with PC-ModEva offline software, Delem DA-66T 2D with colored graphics.
  • Electrical panel with cooling system designed to meet CE standards and composed of automation and electrical equipment with SIEMENS branding.
  • Ergonomic user friendly, pendant control panel.
  • Back light safety guards (category-4)
  • Front side covers with safety switches.
  • Synchronization of Y1+Y2 axis provided by linear encoders with 0,01 mm tolerances.
  • Foot pedal suitable to CE regulation.
  • Sliding front support arms with T slot and mm/inch rulers.
  • Throat depth 410 mm.


  • Graphical controllers; Cybelec ModEva RA Premium 3D with PC-RA Premium offline software, Delem DA-69T 3D graphical color controller with Profile T3D offline software. X1+X2 axis, R1+R2 axis.
  • SICK C4000 advanced finger protections 14 mm (easy programmable Sick software with PC: Blanking, reduced resolution, cascade working etc.)
  • Laser protection system for die area, LASERSAFE PCSS, AKAS LASER SAFETY IILC2000, AKAS LASER SAFETY IILC2000 (MOTORIZED), sick V 4000 (camera based system), DSP photo electric laser safety.
  • Laser angle measurement system, with Data-M cobra Laser check system.
  • Hydraulic and Dynamic-Hydraulic anti-deflection (crowning) features.
  • ERMAK Pneumatic top tool clamping system. Hydraulic top and bottom tool clamping system.
  • CNC controlled bending supports (AP3+AP4 axis).
  • Hydraulic oil coolant and oil heaters.
  • Automatic central lubrication system.
  • Special throat depth (500,600,750 mm and above).
  • Special top and bottom tools.
  • Software options.
  • Tandem applications.
  • Tool cabinets.


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