Down stroke CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (Large Tonnage Servo) - GH-8060/5060/4060/3260/3242/2542NT
Down stroke CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (Large Tonnage Servo) - GH-8060/5060/4060/3260/3242/2542NT GHBM CNC Press Brake Machinery Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply Supplier | TCL Machinery (M) Sdn Bhd
Large size, thick plate bending solution

Intelligent equipment designed for thick and large plates.

The pressure range is from 50 tons to 1600 tons, and the maximum length of the worktable is 12 meters.

Stable frame, longer life, higher machining accuracy

Using a large gantry machining center, the frame components are processed by positioning and cutting

at one time to avoid secondary positioning affecting the machining accuracy Lay the foundation for building a high-strength, high-precision frame

Frame Welding
Three-layer welding technology strengthens the welding strength of the frame, while reducing the heat input, and minimizing the amount of deformation caused by welding.

CNC Tandem Press Brake
GHBM tandem press brake is good at processing super long workpiece such as lamp post and traffic light pole; The tandem press brake is consist of two independent machines and they could run in tandem method or independently.

Double Rail Back Gauge: Accurate and Stable
The X-axis (forward and backward) runing speed of the back gauge can reach 350mm/s, and the repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm.The stop finger is guided by double linear guides, which is more stable.

Intelligent Bending Control System
Intelligent control system, extremely simple operation, clear parameters in one page.

Automatic Deflection Compensation Technology
 Automatic mechanical deflection compensation technology is used to effectively improve the straightness of the workpiece and the accuracy of the bending angle.The compensation value is automatically calculated by the CNC controller, and the motor is electrically adjusted, saving time and effort; the mechanical wedge design has a longer service life.

Human-computer Interaction Experience

Large-size color touch screen: good for operation and viewing! The hardware and software have been carefully debugged and matched, and the work is coordinated seamlessly to improve the performance of the whole machine. And the CNC controller supports multiple languages.

Quick Released Clamp
Quick release design, you can quickly remove and install the bending mold through the quick release clamp to save your time.

Sliding Front Supporting Device

The front support device can slide left and right along the linear guide rail to provide strong support for large-size sheets.

Work Area Lighting Device
Lightening the bending operation area and enhance the work experience of the bending operator. The use of LED light strips has low power consumption, low heat generation, long life and higher brightness.

Laser Safety Protection Device(Optional)

Effectively prevent the bending mold’s clamping hands. When the upper and lower molds are clamped, if a foreign object is under the knife mold, the ram stops moving and the machine will sound an alarm.

Auto Bending Unit(Optional)

Provide a customized automatic bending unit, the robotic arm automatically works with the bending, liberating manpower.

Core Components








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